Billy & The Low IQ’s !

Born of gob-spattered, bondage-trousered punk & the artistic wasteland of long dead mining communities, held together by safety pins & hair gel a new sound was unleashed upon an unsuspecting nation. A sound at once futuristic and retrospective fueled by innocence and a lust for life. It was, and still is, nothing less than a plot to lure an entire generation into the hypnotic world of sonic addiction.

Like some mythical beast, undiscovered and heard of only in legends The IQ’s remain one of life’s great, unsolved mysteries. Legendary in their innovative use of sound their influence extends way beyond their output. Their styling both rhythmic and textural powers everything they do. Their inventiveness is inspirational and their sound revolutionary. The IQ’s, driving backwards into tomorrow.

The Brian Braw Combo !

Existing between a bright shinning mirror ball and the wasteland of socialist working club land cabaret crooner, Brian Braw and his band release their new album ‘A Homage To Andy’. The combo with this recording produce and deliver the absolute perfection in vamp land smhaltz. The music, charged with an electric cuspe of happiness transports you to the the world of Brian Braw the ‘Entertainer’.The Scottish three-piece pay homage with this recording to the the ‘Open Line’ and it’s host’s Andy & Jessie. Cult figures from local radio, Andy & Jessie pervaded their skills to the masses through weekly broadcasts, Brain Braw echoes their sentiment and with impeccable delivery, repackages, represents and restyles the duo’s inimitable vocal warblings. The Brian Braw Combo cross country, disco and cabaret in the way no one else can, translating thier styling and groove into lounge lizard vamp. This is a must have C.D.! The Brian Braw Combo are inspirational, Vamp!, Baby, Vamp!.


Born of narcotic induced tension, fuelled by a lust for speed and sonic aggression, Godsquad seep noise upon the unsuspecting listener with an alarming ferocity. The blistering rhythm section cascade a wall of cathedral sized cacophony that creates a sub sonic platform throbbing with anger and brutal intent. This in turn augments the razor cutting layers of inventive guitar and nihilistic voice. The understated yet, utterly edgy guitar creates a blitzkrieg attack pushing the band headlong on a collision course with your Hi-Fi subs. This three piece outfit move air with a vengeance, creating sound pressure levels that force the breath from your lungs.

The Scottish three-piece band with this recording capture on C. D. a mind blowing aural fuck of the first degree. Armed with songs such as the psychotic ‘Frank’ this band bleed into your psyche taking you on a trip to the darkest regions of your soul forcing you to question the world outside. Recording live takes in the studio, the band capture the raw essence of raucous noise that can only could be created from raw chemical tension. The album ‘Cinders’ is the first major release from the band and is packed with all the tracks that work so well from their live shows. From the aggressive title track ‘Cinder’ to the hypnotic pulse of songs such as ‘This Love’ or ‘I Want Up’ they are a band hard to dislike, far easier to love and cherish in a darkened room with a blast of alcohol.