Welcome to Punk London!

Punk London DC

Punk London, are an independent music collective with a very straight forward mission: Present and showcase forward-thinking music from the most original, diverse and unusual bands.

We try to set a different standard in the music world, spotting exciting bands that have an unusual approach to songwriting and music production. We are steadily refining an abstract, quirky sound, that’s distinctly Punk London.

There is a misconception of confusing genius with insanity, Punk London like this idea, so we have an eclectic roster of artists that we love, genius, insane or otherwise. Sexy, intelligent, passionate and full-on, is the only way to describe our artists.

Like a kick in the balls, we like to call their music “Maximum Sklaffadelic.” Welcome to the Ultra-Violence world of Punk London Records. Bands that produce a whirlwind of sharp metallic chops, sludgy punk, heavy feedback, and truly awe-inspiring live takes that drag the audience into the dark places of the Punk London dementia.

Simultaneously self-destructive and yet musically innovative, we wish to present a collection of seminal bands we believe prove the underground music scene is alive and very healthy. Browse the Free Downloads section for some of the answers.

Email : info@punk.london